Listed here are Large Queen-specific literature that has been published over the years or titles that include important information regarding other facets of Large Queen collecting.

All are a must for the library of a serious Large Queen collector.

The Large Queen Stamps of Canada
and Their Use 1868-1872

H.E. & H.W. Duckworth

The most exhaustive study of this issue.

Review from Canadian Philatelist, May-June, 1986, page 203:

For many years specialists and those interested in the "Large Queens" have been awaiting this volume. The "Large Queens" were issued in 1868, the first stamps of the Dominion of Canada. Not only are the "Large Queen" stamps thoroughly described in this new book but the postal arrangements existing at the time of their use are also included. The period of the "Large Queens" 1868-1872 is one of the most interesting in the annals of Canadian philately. These large beautiful engraved portrait stamps of Queen Victoria have always enchanted the collector. Specialists have longed for a comprehensive work on these stamps with their varied colours, papers, watermarks and use. The Duckworths, an academic father and son team, are "Large Queen" specialists. They have combined their knowledge and talents and written this book with the viewpoint of the stamp collector attempting to rationalize the stamps and covers in his own collection. It is for this reason that those interested in this fascinating stamp issue will find, "The Large Queens of Canada", illuminating and generative of new conclusions.

This book, thorough in its content, evidences access to all the important sources of information including the major current specialized collections. The monograph begins with a chapter on the new Dominion of Canada Postal Administration at the time of Confederation, the Dominion Post Office Act and the provision for new postage stamps. The second chapter follows with a discussion and a thorough listing of the "Plates and Proofs of the Large Queen Issue". The third chapter describes the stamps, their papers, perforations and denominations. Papers are perhaps one of the most difficult areas for the philatelist to understand. The ten different papers used for the "Large Queens" are well described and illustrated. The four succeeding chapters on the mail service, cancellations and arrangements for exchanging mail with the Postal Administrations of Newfoundland, Manitoba, British Columbia, the U.S.A. and the other countries are convincingly discussed and explained. Numerous appendices such as the list of postage stamps supplied by the British American Bank Note Company as well as a listing of plates, engraved and re-entered have been included.

This volume will have an irresistible attraction to the collector and specialist. The cost might be considered moderately high but, where do you find all the known information in one book? When you consider the hours of research spent on a book of this magnitude the cost becomes quite insignificant. This book is a must for the collector and a once in a lifetime acquisition, of a very limited edition. This is the third volume published by, The Vincent Graves Greene Foundation and is the largest and most comprehensive to date.

1986 | Hardbound | 488 pages | 6x9

A Large Queen's Report
Hans Reiche

Correlates published and known information (to 1977) about the Large Queen issue of Canada. Each denomination has its own separate chapter covering such things as papers, printings, usages, quantities, varieties, and shades.

1977 | Perfect bound | 69 pages | 6x9

  Canada, The Fifteen Cents of 1868
L. Gerald Firth

Review from Maples Leaves, February 1964:

This is undoubtedly a work of inestimable value to all serious collectors of this issue and specialists who are in search of a dependable guide through the maze of shades, perforation, plate varieties which characterize the 15 cent large head.

There are 54 illustrations of stamps in colours which are as faithfully reproduced as the most modern of printing techniques will allow and this undoubtedly will be a major attraction. The re-entry in the '15' of the left value table and the 'Canada P' is most faithfully and painstakingly recorded together with the well known '3 dot' plate variety.

Long study and considerable experience on the part of the author is reflected in the faultless manner in which he deals with the Montreal and Ottawa printings, types of paper used (and how to distinguish them), the different types of gum, the watermarks and perforation varieties. Indeed nothing has been overlooked that is of any importance.

For good measure two invaluable appendices are included giving receipts from printers, stocks and issues to postmasters and notes on the nomenclature of colours and shades (Maerz & Paul colour code).

1963 | Hardbound | 55 pages | 6x9

The Postage Stamps
and Postal History of Canada

Winthrop S. Boggs

Review from Canadian Philatelist, Nov-Dec 1974:

Since its original publication in 1945, Boggs' two-volume set has been to many the "Bible" of Canadian philately and has become a rare and expensive collector's item. This Quarterman reprint again makes available the extensively illustrated Volume I of the original in its entirety and those sections of Volume II dealing with the organization of the Canada Post Office and the design, paper and plate makeup of the stamps themselves. This 912-page hardbound volume also contains a section of corrections and additions which were compiled from the author's own annotated copy of the original edition. A foreword by John Alden has also been added.

The Postage Stamps and Postal History of Canada, on of the largest and most important philatelic works, is a necessity for all Canada collectors and also for those interested in philatelic scholarship, for which this book was awarded the Crawford Medal in 1947.

Quarterman reprint (illustrated at left) 1974 | Hardbound | 870 pages | 6x9
Original: 1945, 2 volume set

Stamps of British North America
Fred Jarrett

Review from Canadian Philatelist, Nov-Dec 1975:

Quarterman's reprint of this famous book completes the trinity of "classical" definitive works pertaining to the stamps and postal history of Canada and British North American - Howes, Jarrett and Boggs. This publishing company deserves the sincere thanks of all serious collectors for making these works available in reprint form.

The "Jarrett's" is reproduced without change from the original work of 1929. The paper, as in all Quarterman reprints, is of fine quality (better than the original) and well bound with a hard cover in blue linen. Reproduction of the printed pages is faithful but some illustrations lose definition in the reprint.

This work extensively covers postmarks and cancellations, regular issues of Canada and the provinces including British Columbia, Vancouver Island, New Brunswick, Nova Soccia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. Included also are revenues, postal stationery, law stamps and other philatelic subjects too numerous to mention.

Quarterman reprint (illustrated at left) 1975 | Hardbound | 595 pages | 6x9

The Canadian Posted Letter Guide
The Classic Period, 1851-1902

Charles G. Firby and Victor L. Willson

Review, Canadian Stamp News, August 20, 1996:

The Canadian Posted Letter Guide: The Classic Period 1851-1902, edited by Charles G. Firby and Victor L. Willson, is the first of its kind with a detailed price breakdown for Canadian postal history based on stamp issue, destination, rate, and franking.

The Canadian Posted Letter Guide examines all usages of mailed letters between 1851 and 1902 commencing with the Pence issues of the 1850s. It follows with the Cents issue, the Large Queens, the Small Queens and the Jubilee issues. It concludes with the Leaf and Numeral issues of the Queen Victoria era and Canada's famed Map stamp. There are over 1,750 different listings that deal with postage rates within Canada, to the US, and to overseas destinations.

The book has beautiful colour illustrations of all the stamps and some fascinating covers. Prices are given for very fine, fine, and average conditions.

1996 | Spiral bound | 128 pages | 6x9
(Charles G. Firby Publications, ISBN 0-9652431-0-9)

The Standard Canada Precancel Catalogue
5th Edition

J.E. Kraemer, D. Marasco, B. Field


2004 | Spiral bound | 96 pages | 6x9
(The Unitrade Press, ISBN 1-895909-77-5)



The Unitrade Specialized Catalogue
of Canadian Stamps

Editor: D. Robin Harris FRPSC

An annual catalogue featuring the established Scott Numbering System. Includes pricing in several grades on the Large Queen stamps.

2008 edition (2007) | Spiral bound | 608 pages | 8x11
(The Unitrade Press, ISBN 1-894763-26-2)

Stamps of Canada Catalogue

Lyse Rousseau

Features the Darnell numbering system.

2003 | Spiral bound | 438 pages | 6x9 | ISBN 2-920734-26-1


black | 1 brown red | 1 yellow orange | 2 green | 3 red | 5 olive green | 6 brown | 12 blue | 15 grey violet